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Commissions - The Process

"My paintings are about emotions and energy.  What is it about this person, this occasion, this place that is so significant for my client?  Capturing that – making them feel it every time they look at the painting – is my sacred trust and constant commitment.


No less fundamental to my process is providing value to each client.  It is difficult to generalize about pricing.  Subject, style and approach vary with each assignment.  Abstract, landscape, portrait.  Indoors or out, size of canvas, location where it will hang.  Paintings that are larger, contain more figures, or involve a more complex, detailed setting simply take more time to plan and execute.  This is necessarily reflected in the price.

Every commission is unique.  So, I work closely with each client to settle on a fee that reflects the assignment and their budget.

Please note that my minimum commission for portraits is $1,200 per figure."- Cecily

Janet McMillan

Cecily Harness is a gifted artist.  She makes her paintings come alive with feelings and emotion.  I love the way she captured my children’s personality in each painting, whether it was free-spirited, thoughtful, contemplative, strong, determined, or fun—Cecily was spot on.  Cecily paints with passion and purpose.  Her strokes harmonize light, shadows, and color hue with incredible finesse. Cecily was a joy to work with through the process.  I feel so blessed and proud to adorn our walls with her amazing talent.  

David Devine

Cecily has given our family a precious gift: joy. Her paintings fill our home and capture our best memories and dreams. Every time I look at her works of art, I smile. If you want to add radiance to your family and home, look no further.


Barb Ostberg

I am thrilled with this wonderful piece of artistry. Hard to imagine the amount of time and talent it takes to produce something so lovely. It is displayed where I can enjoy it by going past it many times a day. 

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